✓ Feijoada

If you find it, just grab it!

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✓ Pastéis de bacalhau

Fish croquettes - best at food markets!

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✓ Pão de Deus

Sugar + coconut...this couldn't go wrong

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✓ Porco à Alentejana

Unusual combination of pork and seafood

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✓ Village underground

Colorful containers mixed with buses

Do you want to visit some extraordinary urban place that not many people know about? Being hidden from usual tourist paths, this little „village“ could be the spot where you might like to stop by for a while.

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✓ Manteigaria

The place to enjoy pastéis de nata

One of the most absurd things that tourists do in Lisbon? Waiting crazy-long queue in Belém to buy the pastry called pastel de nata – just because most of the guidebooks point you there. Well, forget about what they say in your guidebook. There’s a place to have amazing pastéis without waiting. And in style.

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✓ Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

Medieval beauty with several surprises

The Belém monastery is one of the most visited sights in Lisbon – and it is popular for a reason.  While its majestic exteriors and church with free entrance are already impressive to see, I suggest you come at the right time of the day and visit also its cloister, a stunning example of the „Manueline style“ .  

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✓ Praça do Comércio

The iconic square with two names

It is so hard to miss, that I probably don’t need to direct you there. But what do you actually know about it? Let me tell you a bit more about this majestic riverside place.

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✓ Cristo Rei

A bit of Rio and San Francsico...in Lisbon!

Just cross the river. And try to catch the sunset, even not necessarily at the site itself!

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✓ MAAT Lisbon

The super-photogenic riverside place

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✓ Illegal Chinese

Delicious food hidden from tourists

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✓ Oceanário de Lisboa

Have you ever seen a moonfish?

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✓ Bacalhau

The favourite fish of Portuguese cuisine

The list of possible variations how Portuguese prepare bacalhau – the surprisingly large pieces of dried fish present in every store – is endless. Be sure to try at least „Bacalhau à brás“, by far the most typical one. But strangely enough, despite being a true pillar of national cuisine, the fish is actually not from Portugal at all!

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✓ Caracóis

Surprisingly tasty...snails

Walking around at the right time of the year, you can often spot handwritten signs „Há caracóis!“ on the windows and doors of many restaurants. Usually not translated at all, these signs for locals announce availability of a typical Portuguese dish – little snails. Give them a try, they are often really good!

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✓ Convento do Carmo

The church without the roof

Did you ever wonder what happened to the church standing high above Rossio square, obviously missing part of its structure? This monument actually reminds one of the most disastrous days that Lisbon has experienced – and certainly is a place that’s interesting to know more about.

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✓ Cemiterio dos Prazeres

Yes, its a cemetery. And yes, you will like it.

Cemeteries aren’t usual part of your must-see list? Still, take your chance and visit this local one in Lisbon. Not only it’s probably very different from the ones you know – but as this place is undiscovered by most of the tourists, it keeps a special character that only few places can compete with.

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✓ Riding the yellow tram

Enjoy it like a local, not a tourist

Yes, unlike many bloggers, I suggest you ride it – but not the way most of the Lisbon visitors do. Let me tell you how to spend less time waiting, save when buying the ticket and experience what others don’t  :)

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✓ Iberian Wolf Sanctuary

Spotting wolves on guided tour

Do you love animals and would like to experience something extraordinary? Not far from Lisbon, you can visit reservation with wolves that once used to live all around Portugal.

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✓ Ginjinha

Tasty cherry liqueur to drink

Drinking Ginjinha (also called Ginja) is definitely one of several gourmet experiences you should not skip during your visit of Portugal. Let me tell you where to drink it with style – from a chocolate cup!

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✓ Tasca do Chico

Fado evening in local style

With its extremely limited space, charismatic portuguese singers taking turns just next to your table, yet no entry fee or obligation for minimal consumption, this place feels so warm and personal that you will come home with a real experience.

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✓ LX Factory

Where art and food meets

You have seen the pics: Industrial buildings rebuilt into design shops. The moving cyclist hanging under high ceilings of a stylish book store. Rooftop bar with colorful figure overlooking the river. Cozy food places. Yes, that’s LX. Come and see.

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✓ Berlengas

Former monastery in the middle of the sea

Not well-known among ordinary Lisbon visitors and protected by limited access to the site, this island with extremely scenic views is a place you will certainly enjoy visiting.  Prepare your instagram and go!

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✓ Peniche

Little surf village, big attractions nearby

Well-known mainly for its surfing conditions, Peniche is usually recognized as the destination for either renting a board or watching world competitions. But if you happen to be around this village, I suggest you see more than common tourists seeking just windy beaches.

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✓ Pensão Amor

The cosy bar with fluffy wall

Stylish chill place with delicate details reminding its brothel history. Don’t miss this extraordinary stop in the city center – even if you’re not into drinks. 

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✓ Ajuda neighbourhood

Several suprises in out-of-sight area

Impressive palace, stand-alone bell tower or botanical garden with peacocks – these are just some of the attractions that you can reveal by visit of this not-so-known Lisbon district.

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