The most western point of Europe is worth visiting not just because its geographic significance – follow paths around and enjoy truly scenic, breathtaking views from high above the sea!
View at lighthouse with ocean at Cabo da Roca

Why to go: Visit this place and admire the wonderful color of the Atlantic ocean, watch the waves from incredibly high cliffs and enjoy looking in the distance where for the next few thousand kilometres is just the sea.

Cabo da Roca (Cape Roca) is not only a popular tourist site where you can take a picture with a monument stating that you are standing at the westernmost part of continental Europe – it is also a place from where you can take short or longer hikes along the fascinating coastline.



So, after observing the whole place, definitely don’t stay just at the main viewpoint and take a walk at least a bit to the left, continuing the path next to the monument and then at least a bit down.

As you can see from the pictures, the views are just amazing – sit on the rocks, have a snack and watch the wonderful setting.

Cabo-da-Roca-5It seemed possible that taking this way, you could even go all the way down to the sea level, but we didn’t continue that far.

You might try, but just be extremely careful and make sure there is also way back up for you, the hills are really steep there (surely skip this adventure if thepath is not dry, it’s windy or you don’t have good shoes).


There is also a nice short route along the border of the cliffs next to the lighthouse, you can easily find the path beaten in the green cover of the hills (and you probably won’t be the only ones taking it).

It will lead you just below the lighthouse, where there is a nice viewpoint towards the few hidden beaches (Praia da Aroeira, Praia da Ursa, Praia do Caneiro) nearby.


If you have time (at least two hours till sunset, but rather more), definitely consider taking a walk towards these beaches, especially the amazing Praia da Ursa. The path isn’t that easy to find and follow, since it doesn’t start directly near the lighthouse, but read the article about this beautiful place and you will get to know how to get there easily! :-)Cabo-da-Roca-9