Amazing place for a half day rest, surrounded by greenish hills of the western coast near Lisbon.

Why to go: Splendidly secluded (luckily undisturbed by the tourist hustle of quite nearby most western point of the Europe), Praia da Ursa is a place with truly fascinating, almost magical atmosphere. The majestic, distinctive rock rising high above the sea and nice sandy beach  will leave you with unforgettable experience fully worth a little bit exacting (yet quite short by distance) hike.

When to go: Come on a sunny day just after the lunch and enjoy a perfect afternoon watching the waves and the majestic rocks while sitting on the beach and rollicking in the sea.  Warm sunlight in the late afternoon turns the place even more into an amazingly photogenic setting – for great pictures head back at that time up the hill to shoot some #nofiltre pictures which will amaze your friends.

Just be careful: Better don’t go if the weather was bad in the morning or the day before, the beach might be unreachable if it rained, since…

How to get there: