Amazing installations made of trash are spread on many places around Lisbon. How many can you find?


What’s this? Lisbon is a city of street art and amazing paintings are all over many buildings and walls wherever you go. However, not all of them are just graffiti. An artist called Bordallo II makes amazing sculptures using trash found on waste dumps or in abandoned factories. And if you are perceptive and search a bit, you can see some of them in several areas in Lisbon.


I was so astonished by the collection called trash animals when I saw some pictures, that I wanted to find a bit more about the location of all the artworks. The series tries to warn about the issue of enourmous waste produced by our society and raise awareness about the fact that the trash becomes a serious issue for our planet, which needs to be taken seriously and solved.


How to find them? Some of the sculputures are easy to find and they are in public places just next to the streets or walking paths. That is the case of the majestic racoon, which can be seen from the garden of the Museu Berardo in Belém. At another popular public place, LX Factory, you can also see this wasp.


As far as I know, there is also a nice installation of colorful fish made of trash somewhere very close to Alcântara-Terra train station. That is not that far from LX factory, so you might try to see these also (I didn’t manage to get there).

However, the exact location of the other sculptures is quite difficult to find out. And to be honest, some of the places are not really nice to visit.

With a hint from one internet site, I managed to find the bunny and the cat – you can see them in an abandoned area near Cabo Ruivo metro station, which is actually quite easily accessible by a dust path from the southern side (just before the bridge over the railway), but the whole place didn’t feel very safe since there are several buildings occupied by quite strange people and I wouldn’t go there alone again – not even during the day.

These sculptures are also quite damaged, with some parts already missing when compared with the photos from the official website of Bordallo II (there, you can also see other amazing sculpures, but without the exact location). There used to be at least one more animal – a puppy, but that one was completely destroyed when I visited the place.

A good strategy to find other Bordallo’s fascinating trash animals might be to follow the facebook page of the artist, where he posts photos of his newest work quite often. Not all of the sculptures are in Portugal (some were made in Italy, others in the US), but according to the facebook profile, there is at least one more in the Lisbon area – a new octopus installation somewhere at Costa da Caparica. Can you find it? :-)