✓ Village underground

Colorful containers mixed with buses

Do you want to visit some extraordinary urban place that not many people know about? Being hidden from usual tourist paths, this little „village“ could be the spot where you might like to stop by for a while.

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✓ MAAT Lisbon

The super-photogenic riverside place

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✓ Oceanário de Lisboa

Have you ever seen a moonfish?

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✓ Riding the yellow tram

Enjoy it like a local, not a tourist

Yes, unlike many bloggers, I suggest you ride it – but not the way most of the Lisbon visitors do. Let me tell you how to spend less time waiting, save when buying the ticket and experience what others don’t  :)

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✓ Iberian Wolf Sanctuary

Spotting wolves on guided tour

Do you love animals and would like to experience something extraordinary? Not far from Lisbon, you can visit reservation with wolves that once used to live all around Portugal.

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✓ Tasca do Chico

Fado evening in local style

With its extremely limited space, charismatic portuguese singers taking turns just next to your table, yet no entry fee or obligation for minimal consumption, this place feels so warm and personal that you will come home with a real experience.

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✓ Jardim do Torel

Secret pool with city view

Honestly, this is a place I have never been to. But having found its stunning pictures on the internet, its  one of the ones on my list – and I suggest you put it on yours too.

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Ascensor da Bica in Lisbon

✓ Ascensor da Bica

The funicular from all the postcards

Two typical old-school cabins passing one another in a steep hill – that’s the highlight of this charming narrow street with river view in the distance.

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✓ Costa da Caparica

Endless beach, surfing for everyone

No experience or any surfing equipment needed, just come to the beach and try. You will definitely love it!

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View at lighthouse with ocean at Cabo da Roca

✓ Cabo da Roca

Place for amazing coastline hikes

The most western point of Europe is worth visiting not just because its geographic significance – follow paths around and enjoy truly scenic, breathtaking views from high above the sea!

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✓ Miradouro de Santa Luzia

Relax with a book or just enjoy the moment

Stylish portuguese tiles all around, blue sky, blossoming flowers and grapes growing over your head, sometimes even music performers… The atmosphere at this view point is just perfect.

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Dolphins in the Lisbon Zoo

✓ Jardim Zoológico

Enjoy nice feeding shows at Lisbon zoo

Having a free afternoon? Take a friend and plan your visit of the Lisbon Zoo – enjoyable shows, beautiful animals and a cable car are waiting for you!

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Gulbenkian Park in Lisbon during sunny day

✓ Gulbenkian Park

A place to take your lunch box to

Having a lunch break in this nice garden is such a relaxing activity that soon after the first try,  you will find yourself heading to this place again.

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Feira da Ladra market at Graca in Lisbon

✓ Feira da Ladra

Experience traditional flea market

In a nice setting near National Pantheon, a big market takes place every Saturday and Tuesday. If you are looking for truly local souvenirs, have a look also there!

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Jardim da Estrela

Spot cute wild parrots in this splendid park

Jog, read and enjoy shade of palm trees. Take your icecream. Listen carefully and look up.


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Biking trail along the coast from Cascais to Guincho

✓ Guincho coastline track

Ride a city bike along the sea

Wake up early and enjoy renting a bike for a nice seaside route trip near Cascais!

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Estoril city beach near Lisbon

✓ Estoril

Spend a lazy sunday on the beach

Beaches in small towns near Lisbon are nice places to have a picnic, short swim and lie all day in the sun while listening to the chatter of holiday makers from all over the world.

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Praia da Ursa in the late afternoon sun

✓ Praia da Ursa

Hidden paradise for a late afternoon swim

Amazing place for a half day rest, surrounded by greenish hills of the western coast near Lisbon.

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View over beautiful landscape at Sao Miguel

✓ Azores

Bargain trip to super beautiful islands

Going on a short getaway to delightful Portuguese islands, 1600+ kilometres from the European coast, for a price of just a few dinners? Well, thats exactly what is possible to do when you are in Lisbon!

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