Closer look at Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon

✓ Take closer look at the Ponte Vasco da Gama

Did you know that full length of Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon is incredible 17 kilometres, which makes it the longest bridge in Europe?

Elevador de Santa Justa (Santa Justa Elevator)

✓ Access the top of the Elevador de Santa Justa (without waiting!)

The Santa Justa Elevator offers one of the nicest views over Lisbon – and using a simple trick,  you can save a lot of time and money!

Tower of Belém (Torre de Belém)

✓ Take a walk to the majestic Torre de Belém

After a 15 minute stroll from the Belém Monastery, you can reach one of the most iconic Lisbon attractions – the Tower of Belém.


✓ Visit the church with special charm and history

Entering Igreja de São Domingos brings you to a space different from what you would expect. And there is a story behind. More of them actually.


✓ Have a look into Lisbon underground

Opening only for a few days a year, underground Galerias Romanas are trully hidden attraction of Lisbon. Here is how to get inside!

View over Lisbon from the roof of abandoned restaurant in the Monsanto Parque in Lisbon

✓ Sneak into the Restaurante Panorâmico de Monsanto

Fascinating, completely abandoned building with breathtaking view over the city. That’s the Monsanto panoramic restaurant.