Trips around

✓ Iberian Wolf Sanctuary

Spotting wolves on guided tour

Do you love animals and would like to experience something extraordinary? Not far from Lisbon, you can visit reservation with wolves that once used to live all around Portugal.

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✓ Berlengas

Former monastery in the middle of the sea

Not well-known among ordinary Lisbon visitors and protected by limited access to the site, this island with extremely scenic views is a place you will certainly enjoy visiting.  Prepare your instagram and go!

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✓ Peniche

Little surf village, big attractions nearby

Well-known mainly for its surfing conditions, Peniche is usually recognized as the destination for either renting a board or watching world competitions. But if you happen to be around this village, I suggest you see more than common tourists seeking just windy beaches.

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✓ Palácio Nacional de Queluz

Palace full of light, gardens filled with sun

„Que luz!“ („What a light!“) marveled Queen Mary I. back in time, being astonished by the brightness of the palace. And yes, the play of sunlight all around contributes a lot to atmosphere of this trip place.

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Little streets in Óbidos town in Portugal

✓ Óbidos

Stop by for the genuine Ginjinha

Tiny medieval town of Óbidos offers a nice walk on top of its city walls and a sip of delicious local cherry liquor. Don’t miss it!

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Beautiful architecture of Coimbra University in Portugal

✓ Coimbra

The town of university life

Visit one of the oldest universities in the world and observe craziness of portuguese student traditions in their full intensity.

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Almendres Cromlech - megalithic stones near Évora

✓ Almendres Cromlech

Monument with energy

Drive through the countryside near Évora to discover this impressive place with megalithic stones that has been there for thousands of years.

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Initiation well at Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra

✓ Quinta da Regaleira

Discover truly fairytale-like place

Going to Sintra? Spend half a day in a hidden enchanting  park with impressive architecture, underground tunnels, greenish ponds and cork oaks. 

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