Typical souvenirs

What to bring home from Lisbon? Great souvenir ideas for Portugal.

✓ Porco à Alentejana

Unusual combination of pork and seafood

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✓ Ginjinha

Tasty cherry liqueur to drink

Drinking Ginjinha (also called Ginja) is definitely one of several gourmet experiences you should not skip during your visit of Portugal. Let me tell you where to drink it with style – from a chocolate cup!

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Feira da Ladra market at Graca in Lisbon

✓ Feira da Ladra

Experience traditional flea market

In a nice setting near National Pantheon, a big market takes place every Saturday and Tuesday. If you are looking for truly local souvenirs, have a look also there!

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Typical souvenier - portuguese piri-piri sauce

✓ Piri-piri sauce

Bring home delicious spicy kick

Surprisingly distinctive from regular chili sauces, tasty, extremely cheap and easy to pack. This highly typical Portuguese flavoring should make it to your luggage too!

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T-shirt store Typographia in Lisbon

✓ Typographia shop

Discover trendy local t-shirts

Get yourself (or your friends) a fashionable t-shirt with a touch of Portugal. Typographia is the right place to get one :)

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Available in various colours and patterns, fabric sardines are one of the fmost typical gifts from Portugal :)

✓ Fabric sardines

Bring a lovely souvenir for a friend :-)

A nice small gift for your friends back home, representing something typical for Portugal? Little sardines for their backpacks or keyrings are one of the best choices that look cute and definitely won’t ruin your budget!

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