Typical souvenirs

What to bring home from Lisbon? Great souvenir ideas for Portugal.

Feira da Ladra market at Graca in Lisbon

✓ Get local souveniers at Feira da Ladra market

In a nice setting near National Pantheon, a big market takes place every Saturday and Tuesday. If you are looking for typical souveniers, have a look there!  

Typical souvenier - portuguese piri-piri sauce

✓ Bring home delicious piri-piri sauce

Surprisingly distinctive from regular spicy sauces, tasty, extremely cheap and easy to pack. This highly typical Portuguese flavoring should make it to your luggage too!

T-shirt store Typographia in Lisbon

✓ Discover trendy local t-shirts

Get yourself (or your friends) a fashionable t-shirt with a touch of Portugal! Typographia is the right place to get one :)

Available in various colours and patterns, fabric sardines are one of the fmost typical gifts from Portugal :)

✓ Buy a lovely fabric sardine for a friend :-)

A nice small souvenir for your friends back home, representing something typical for Portugal? Little sardines for their backpacks or keyrings are one of the best choices that look cute…