What to taste

✓ Feijoada

If you find it, just grab it!

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✓ Pão de Deus

Sugar + coconut...this couldn't go wrong

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✓ Illegal Chinese

Delicious food hidden from tourists

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✓ Bacalhau

The favourite fish of Portuguese cuisine

The list of possible variations how Portuguese prepare bacalhau – the surprisingly large pieces of dried fish present in every store – is endless. Be sure to try at least „Bacalhau à brás“, by far the most typical one. But strangely enough, despite being a true pillar of national cuisine, the fish is actually not from Portugal at all!

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✓ Caracóis

Surprisingly tasty...snails

Walking around at the right time of the year, you can often spot handwritten signs „Há caracóis!“ on the windows and doors of many restaurants. Usually not translated at all, these signs for locals announce availability of a typical Portuguese dish – little snails. Give them a try, they are often really good!

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✓ Ginjinha

Tasty cherry liqueur to drink

Drinking Ginjinha (also called Ginja) is definitely one of several gourmet experiences you should not skip during your visit of Portugal. Let me tell you where to drink it with style – from a chocolate cup!

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Taste the anonas! (custard apple)

✓ Anonas (custard apple)

Taste it, love it!

Unless you ever visited Central America or Southeast Asia, you probably dont know this delicious fruit. Try it in Portugal!

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Café in Sintra near Lisbon, offering Mazagran iced coffee

✓ Mazagran coffee

Have a sip of refreshing iced drink

Ever heard of Mazagran? Try this extraordinary blend of coffee and lime juice if you find it on the menu of any portuguese cafeteria!

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✓ Vinho verde

Get tipsy by tasting local specialty

Portuguese green wine („vinho verde“), is a close relative of white wines – yet with slightly sparkling and a bit more refreshing taste. Impress your friends by knowledge of wine they have never heard about!

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Bolo Rei - traditional portuguese cake with sweet fruit

✓ Bolo Rei

Invite friends for a "king's cake"

Yummy, sweet and so traditional that you shouldn’t skip it if you are a true food traveler – that’s Bolo del Rei, a cake with delicious colorful candied fruit on top.

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✓ Broas castelar

Stuff your pockets with this tasty treat

Ready for another delicious portuguese pastry? These small desert cakes made from sweet potatoes are more extraordinary than you would expect!

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