What to taste

Taste the anonas! (custard apple)

✓ Taste the anonas (custard apple)

Unless you ever visited Central America or Southeast Asia, you probably dont know this delicious fruit. Try it in Portugal!

Café in Sintra near Lisbon, offering Mazagran iced coffee

✓ Have a sip of refreshing Mazagran iced coffee

Ever heard of Mazagran? Try this extraordinary blend of coffee and lime juice if you find it on the menu of any portuguese cafeteria!

✓ Get tipsy by tasting Vinho verde

The portuguese local specialty, green wine, is a close relative of the white wine, yet with slightly sparkling and a bit more refreshing taste. Impress your friends by…

Bolo Rei - traditional portuguese cake with sweet fruit

✓ Eat the whole Bolo Rei (inviting your friends allowed)

Yummy, sweet and so traditional that you shouldn’t skip it if you are a true food traveler – that’s Bolo del Rei, a cake with delicious colorful candied…

✓ Stuff your pockets with the tasty Broas castelar

Ready for another delicious portuguese pastry? These small desert cakes made from sweet potatoes are more extraordinary than you would expect!