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✓ Have a look into Lisbon underground

Opening only for a few days a year, underground Galerias Romanas are trully hidden attraction of Lisbon. Here is how to get inside!

Dolphins in the Lisbon Zoo

✓ Enjoy feeding shows at Jardim Zoológico

Having a free afternoon? Take a friend and plan your visit of the Lisbon Zoo – nice shows, beautiful animals and a cable car are waiting for you!

Gulbenkian Park in Lisbon during sunny day

✓ Take your lunch box to the Gulbenkian Park

Having a lunch break in this nice garden is such a relaxing activity that soon after the first try,  you will find yourself heading to this place again.

Feira da Ladra market at Graca in Lisbon

✓ Get local souveniers at Feira da Ladra market

In a nice setting near National Pantheon, a big market takes place every Saturday and Tuesday. If you are looking for typical souveniers, have a look there!  

Café in Sintra near Lisbon, offering Mazagran iced coffee

✓ Have a sip of refreshing Mazagran iced coffee

Ever heard of Mazagran? Try this extraordinary blend of coffee and lime juice if you find it on the menu of any portuguese cafeteria!

Initiation well at Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra

✓ Discover the fairytale-like park of Quinta da Regaleira

Going to Sintra? Spend half a day in a hidden enchanting  park with impressive architecture, underground tunnels, greenish ponds and cork oaks. 

View over Lisbon from the roof of abandoned restaurant in the Monsanto Parque in Lisbon

✓ Sneak into the Restaurante Panorâmico de Monsanto

Fascinating, completely abandoned building with breathtaking view over the city. That’s the Monsanto panoramic restaurant.

Biking trail along the coast from Cascais to Guincho

✓ Ride a city bike to Guincho

Wake up early and for only a small fee enjoy riding a bike on a nice seaside route near Cascais!

Estoril city beach near Lisbon

✓ Spend a lazy sunday in Estoril

Beaches in small towns near Lisbon are nice places to have a small picnic, short swim and lie all day in the sun listening to the chatter of…

✓ Get tipsy by tasting Vinho verde

The portuguese local specialty, green wine, is a close relative of the white wine, yet with slightly sparkling and a bit more refreshing taste. Impress your friends by…

Bolo Rei - traditional portuguese cake with sweet fruit

✓ Eat the whole Bolo Rei (inviting your friends allowed)

Yummy, sweet and so traditional that you shouldn’t skip it if you are a true food traveler – that’s Bolo del Rei, a cake with delicious colorful candied…

✓ Stuff your pockets with the tasty Broas castelar

Ready for another delicious portuguese pastry? These small desert cakes made from sweet potatoes are more extraordinary than you would expect!

✓ Buy a lovely fabric sardine for a friend :-)

A nice small souvenir for your friends back home, representing something typical for Portugal? Little sardines for their backpacks or keyrings are one of the best choices that look cute…

Praia da Ursa in the late afternoon sun

✓ Hike to Praia da Ursa, hidden paradise for a late afternoon swim

Amazing place for an half day rest, surrounded by greenish hills of the western coast near Lisbon.

View over beautiful landscape at Sao Miguel

✓ Take a bargain trip to the super beautiful Azores islands

Going on a short getaway to delightful Portuguese islands, 1600+ kilometres from the European coast, for a price of just a few dinners? Well, thats exactly what is possible…