Get yourself (or your friends) a fashionable t-shirt with a touch of Portugal. Typographia is the right place to get one :)

T-shirt store Typographia in Lisbon

Typographia store in Baixa, Lisbon (Rua Augusta, 93)

What is Typographia?

Typographia is a little shop offering local t-shirt designs, attracting attention regardless its proximity to regular big brands stores, tourist shops and restaurants all around.

Recognized even by global media like USA Today (short review from 2015 here),  it’s a place where you can come for a nice, unconventional t-shirt to bring home.

What to buy there specifically?

Even though there are many designs available, me and my friends appreciated this place especially for one thing – extraordinary t-shirts referencing typical Portuguese stuff in a nice playful way.

Therefore, if you’re there, try to look for a huge sardine for example (probably the most popular design among tourists) or a hen being taken away by fried-egg (my favourite one – and if you don’t get it: one of the most common dishes in cheap portuguese restaurants is meat topped with fried egg).

The designs possibly change but I believe there will always be something that will make you remember the wonderful time you had in Lisbon :)

How much is a t-shirt there?

Not expensive at all! Back in 2017, my t-shirt was just 19.90 Euros. I am not sure whether pricing of all the designs is the same, but I guess so.

Where can I find the Typographia store?

Thanks to its location close to popular square Praca do Comercio, you will definitely find yourself very close during one your walks through the city center. So, if you feel you might be interested, just stop by!

Adress: Rua Augusta, 93, Lisbon