Ever heard of Mazagran? Try this extraordinary blend of coffee and lime juice if you find it on the menu of any portuguese cafeteria!

Why to try it? Served in smaller portuguese towns and local cafés, this originally Algerian drink is a special version of iced coffee. It is a perfect match for a hot summer afternoon break, especially when you’re looking for something refreshing and new.

Mazagran coffee - iced coffee with lemon juice

What should I expect? Honestly, Mazagran may taste a bit wierd for you when trying it for the first time. It combines strong coffee with a lot of water, ice and lime juice – something what passionate coffee lovers probably will struggle to accept as a good way how to treat coffee beans. But when you forget about the usual taste of coffee you are used to, after few sips your mouth will start to understand the unusual combination – and at the end of the cup (if you make it all the way down), you will even start to like it. At least, that’s what happend to me! :-)

Note: You might get Mazagran with not so much lemon juice but only a lemon slice in the glass – then squeeze the lemon with your spoon as much as you can and mix well with the coffee. I found out that the drink tastes much better when there is rather more lemon juice then less.

And where to try? The picture of the coffee menu is taken in Sintra, near Lisbon, at Café Saudade on the way from railway station to the city centre. So if you are planning a trip to Sintra (you should!), you can try Mazagran there. Another possibility to taste it is for example  in Cascais, town near Lisbon, in Mercearia da Vila, a nice small shop and restaurant with healthy food close to the main promenade. But I think you can just try to ask for Mazagran in your favourite portuguese café or check the drinks menu when you are in any portuguese bistro or restaurant – they don’t have it everywhere, but at some place you will definitely find it! :-)