Unless you ever visited Central America or Southeast Asia, you probably dont know this delicious fruit. Try it in Portugal!

Taste the anonas! (custard apple)

Why to buy them: Tasty, extraordinary and cheap, this is how I would describe this oddly shaped fruit, sometimes even resembling nice heart shape. While trying the anonas, your mouth will discover a completely new kind of delicious sweet taste! I would say the flavour is close to something like mixture of persimmon fruit and maybe a juicy sweet pear, but the aroma is so specific that you just have to try yourself to understand why it is so good.

Where to buy the anonas: You can find this fruit in most of the supermarkets in Lisbon, but for the best price, try to find them in some of the small grocery stores in your neigbourhood. The fruit grows in Central America and Asia, but it seemed to me it is a common article in portuguese shops over the whole year, so you should be able to find it very easily :)

How to eat this fruit? Firstly, make sure that you have a rape one – you should be able to sligtly press the fruit and it should feel a bit soft – not like a rock (that is unripe), but also not too much (that often comes with too many brown smudges and the juice comes from small cracks in the peel already). The anonas in the picture are just ready to eat (but if you bought them like this, you couldn’t store them for more than one day, they get overripe very quickly).

You don’t have to wash the anonas since you won’t eat the skin. But no need to peel it – to get to the yummy pulp, just take the fruit into your both hands holding it with the tips of your fingers in the middle and then split it into two parts by pushing each half to a different direction. Then, you have to halves of the fruit ready to eat. Easy, right?

There are lots of quite big seeds inside, but don’t bother with picking them out – it is the kind which is better to spit out of your mouth while you are enjoying the fruit. So now just take a spoon and you can enjoy the amazing taste of this fruit!